Frequently Asked Questions About Our Installation Services

Alumawood is a long-lasting, affordable alternative to wooden patio covers. Each cover has a woodgrain appearance to mimic the elegance of wood without the maintenance and risk of wood.

Everything in your home requires a certain amount of maintenance, and this includes your Alumawood cover. Alumawood patio covers do not require nearly as much maintenance as wooden patio covers, but you will need to occasionally spray down your cover to remove dust and debris. The gutters on the cover also need to be cleared of debris-about every 6 months. If you neglect this, the gutters may clog, and water will not drain correctly.

Alumawood patio covers to protect your patio from light showers to medium rain. During a heavy downpour, you may experience some minor leaks. This is not because of issues with sealing; this happens when too much water gets under the flashing at the wall attachment and exits under the panels onto your patio.

Yes! As licensed contractors, we are required to permit every job we build. If you get other companies trying to sell you a cover without a permit, be weary! This is often because they are unlicensed or they are not actually using Alumawood material! A building permit issued from the city or county protects both the customer and the contractor and ensures the project is built correctly and safely.

This depends on the job. Each project has different requirements. Once we start to build your patio cover, it should take no more than 2 days to complete.

We typically run about 10-12 weeks out, but this time frame may change due to permitting, HOA approvals, or back-ordered material at the manufacturer.

Definitely not! The paint applied in the factory will last over 20 years! You may experience some minor scratches on your cover throughout the years due to wear and tear. This can be fixed with touch-up paint from the manufacturer. It is available in a spray can or a small bottle with a brush applicator.

Yes! Alumawood offers a lifetime warranty on its products. You can check out the warranty information here on their website.

We've been in the business for over 26 years, so you know your cover will be installed with care and efficiency.

We install more solid covers than lattice. We often find customers need a retreat from the sun, and lattice covers don't provide much shade for that. We can install both if you're looking for the elegance of a lattice cover but need a little break from the sun.

Absolutely not! Unlike real wood patio covers, Alumawood will not risk your home to bugs and critters.

I have other questions not listed here!
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