3″ Insulated Roof Panels

Patio front Pool House

Insulated roof panels are packed with 3″ of insulated Styrofoam to ensure maximum protection and durability for your patio cover. They are wrapped in an aluminum skin with a cedar wood grain texture to add style and comfort, leaving you with the beautiful look of a traditional wooden patio cover without the risk and maintenance. Max…

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Double Beam

Patio White Pilar

If you’re looking for more cover and less posts, there are definitely options. This cover spanned the length of the entire back of the owner’s home, which would typically require multiple posts with a standard single beam header. The customer decided to go with a double beam on her cover to increase the post spacing…

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Looks Like A Brand New Home!

brown residential home

Not many homes in Southern California are equipped with siding nowadays, but the few that are need to be kept up. Replacing your old wooden siding with new vinyl siding will transform the look of your home. These pictures are from a recent job in Riverside, CA. We tore out the old wooden planks and…

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